New Writing Gigs, New Editorial Direction

Rah Cha Chow is an on-again off-again old friend. I started it years ago when I needed a creative outlet and wanted to stay abreast of the world of online communications. I've muddled about with its focus and have gone months without end without posting. Although its intent is personal and creative -- I have never sold advertising -- it has netted me some cool opportunities.

Now Rah Cha Chow is one of three blogs I write. Here's some info about the other two:

- The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, our local newspaper, has revamped its food coverage and I'm participating in two ways. First, I'm a blogger on its new website, Flavors of Rochester. I will publish those posts here as well, with a few changes.

-  I am also writing freelance restaurant reviews for the newpaper; my first one, on Amaya Bar and Grill, is here. (Their links are only available for 30 days, so if you're reading after June 4, 2012, the link may not work. I don't think I can post my reviews here, but I'm thinking I'll do a synopsis once they've been archived.)

- I have worked for Wickham Farms in Penfield for the past several years. I'm currently their director of marketing. Wickham Farms is starting a CSA this year, which excites me to no end. Among my duties is writing the blog for the CSA, which is here.

All in all, it's a lot of writing! But I still love my old friend, Rah Cha Chow, and my small but loyal band of followers. Many thanks for continuing to read my ramblings.


Rottenchester said...

Repost your D&C articles here and they will live forever!

Lauren said...

Congratulations on the writing jobs! I worked in Rochester for several years and was a regular reader of that paper at the time. :) (We moved to NE MN since).

I enjoy your blog and recipes. It was nice to "hear from you". I am just getting my blog up and running. :)

Take care!

Tracy said...

Lauren, thanks for your nice comment! I followed your blog -- I love the name. You know, a cool blog name is a good thing to have. :-)

Rottenchester, where the heck have you been? Your comment is valid. They've said I can do that with my blog posts -- I think I will -- but I'm not sure about the restaurant reviews. I think I'll ask.