Thanksgiving & The Martha Stewart Show

Our family had a nice Thanksgiving. We drove to the Chicago area and saw many members of my large extended family.

My Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike host Thanksgiving at their home in Crystal Lake every year. This year there was not only the traditional children's table (the "children" now being in their 20s and 30s), but also a table for six grandchildren! Extra special guests included my cousin, Sarah, who flew in from Dublin, as well as cousin Garrett and his family, who came from Charleston. The menu is generally the traditional turkey with all the fixings, but every year there seems to be something different to try. This time Garrett and Elizabeth fixed an oyster pie, which is a traditional dish from Elizabeth's family. It was tasty!

Then it was on to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to see my mom's side of the family, including my 92-year-old Grandma, who is as sharp as ever. After Thursday's feast, we ate pretty simply, but I did get a chance to try the winning recipe from the Southern Living Cook-off. My Grandma and Aunt Cathy made the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls a few weeks ago and froze them. They were very good -- tender and sweet, without a strong taste of sweet potatoes. In Lake Geneva, I caught up with some of my cousins, including Erin, who is by all accounts a fabulous baker. She's starting to throw her hat into the contesting ring, so my fingers are crossed that we see her on some winners lists in 2007!

Speaking of contests, the winner of the desserts category the Southern Living Cook-off (and a contesting friend) was on Martha Stewart Living today! Karen's Sweet Potato Baby Cakes looked great. I have give the show kudos for giving Karen plenty of time to demo the recipe. Karen was pleasant and poised on the show, much like the way she is in real life. I couldn't get the video to work on the Martha Stewart Web site, but here's the link. Martha said she had tasted the recipe and picked it to be on the show. She even took a bite of a cake at the end of the segment. I'll bet it was a thrill for Karen.

Shortly after D. and I won the Airbake cookie contest in March, I received a call from a producer from The Martha Stewart Show. We chatted for about a half hour for a potential segment on cooking with kids. The producer was noncommittal, and I never heard from her again. I always wondered why they never called back. Did I say something wrong on the telephone interview? Did Martha not like the recipe? Or did I just end up on the bottom of the pile of potential guests? Like the guys that never called during my dating years, it will just be one of life's little mysteries.

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