I have a backlog of recipes to write about but Christmas preparations have gotten in the way...

Then today I get a call from a reporter from R News (Channel 9). They want to come to our house TOMORROW MORNING to tape us live about my going to the next Pillsbury Bake-off. AAAHHHH ... crazy day of cleaning today (which I planned anyway) plus I have to figure out a cooking demo. Did I say YIKES?!

If you get Time Warner cable , tune in at 6:30 or so and I'll be cooking up something. The next Pillsbury Bake-off recipe is still confidential so who knows what I'll actually be cooking. Maybe my recipe from last time, or maybe some cookies. We'll see.


Emiline said...

Good luck! You'll do great. Maybe you could make some Christmas cookies? You should plug your band when you're doing your demo.
Like, "I like to bake these cookies when I'm not on the road with my band, CRB. By the way, we'll be at (such and such) so come out and see us!". Then give the camera a wink.

Tracy said...

You are too funny. I actually WAS trying to figure out a way to plug CRB's gig on January 5 at the Jukebox in Spencerport! I'll keep your approach in mind! ;-)