My Super Bowl goodies

We're going to the annual Super Bowl party at the home of good friends. I'm rooting for the Giants but I honestly don't care all that much about the outcome of the game. Everyone is bringing an appetizer or a sweet to the party, so I think I'm looking forward to the food more than the game.

My contributions to this year's gathering are two Pillsbury Bake-off finalist recipes: my Jalapeno Popper Cups and Mexican Chocolate Crunch Brownies.

I could use practice making the cups, and I hope everyone likes them. I think they are just right for a Super Bowl party. The jalapeno rings are spicy, but I think the biscuit base and cheesy filling balance them out. If you don't like spicy foods, just pick off the jalapeno ring (or make some cups without one).

The Mexican Chocolate Crunch Brownies are the creation of Val, an online pal who I look forward to meeting in person in Dallas. I made them with D. yesterday and they were easy to put together. Val tells me that the secret of the crust is to process the cereal very finely. Mexican chocolate is a combination of cinnamon and chocolate. I've messed around with the flavors, and I find that it's tricky to have enough cinnamon so that it comes through, but not so much that it overwhelms the chocolate. I think these are just right.

I'm submitting this to a Gameday Gourmet roundup! To check out other fun football fare, click on the link the week of February 10!


Emiline said...

Pick the jalapenos off?! No way! I'm eatin' those babies.

That is a good picture of the brownies. I've never put cereal in my brownies, but that seems interesting.

Your team (?) won the Super Bowl! Yay!

Tracy said...

I actually did a few without jalapenos for the wimps in the crowd. Nobody seemed interested in them. Maybe the people who are scared of jalapenos are also scared of the green chiles?

As for the brownies, I couldn't stay away from them. Not good for the New Year's diet. Back on the wagon today!

The Super Bowl was boring until the last quarter.

Cate said...

Those brownies look so fuzzy and delicious -- adding cereal to my grocery list. :)

Anonymous said...

Great goodies for the Super Bowl, and it pains me to say this - Congrats Giants ;)

ServesYouRight said...

Drooled over superbowl goodies - I meant the ones you served up, not the eye candy (read Tom Brady) kind. Although I kinda like Eli too. But I digress :-)

Yus, I went to Australia and India and earlier in the year, made a couple trips to Canada! For the longest time, I was such a homebody and then this windfall of travel!

By-the-bye, have you tried 'Hedonist' chocolates? I came across their cinnamon-chipotle hot cocoa mix (at Equal Grounds and the South Wedge Green Grocer) and remembered your brownies. Wondered if the Hedonist mix (ha) is any good?

Stay warm,


Anonymous said...

thanks for reviewing them, tracy. glad to get a Bake-Off pro's seal of approval. :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for reviewing the brownies, tracy. I am happy they got the approval of a Bake-Off pro!


chou said...

Those brownies look Yummmmmmy! BTW congrats on making the top 100. So cool. :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Wow! Those brownies are sensational. Dense, chocolate-y and crispy? Oh, yum!

Jodi said...

A bunch of my online friends on one of the Weight Watchers boards have made your jalapeno poppers, and have given them rave reviews. Just thought I would let you know. I made sure to let the people that made them know to go back to the Pillsbury site and vote :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, I found your blog via karyn and was wondering, as I am not american, I was wondering if you could explain to me what pilsbury buttermilk cookie is? Is it like a shortcrust or puff pastry? What could I use to substitute to try your recipe. (answering this is probably very anti pilsbury!) Also, I thought green chiles were jalapenos, so whats the difference? Thanks,

Tracy said...

I need to answer the last poster first. Hopefully nobody at Pillsbury will get mad at me for giving advice to someone who doesn't have access to their products.

Golden Layers flaky biscuits are soft rolls that come in a refrigerated tube. They are not like a shortbread. I would say they fall somewhere between a Southern American buttermilk biscuit and puff pastry. If you have puff pastry available, that would probably work, although the texture would be a little different.

As for the chiles, there are lots and lots of different chiles of varying degrees of heat. Technically I use two in this recipe. The one that's mixed in the filling is mild and green. When they come out of the can, they have a soft texture. If you want to use something fresh, you would use a mild green chile like an Anaheim chile or chili verde, and roast, seal and peel it. I don't know how many chiles equal a can! They are pretty big, so maybe one?

As far as the jalapenos on top, my understanding is that canned jalapenos aren't quite as hot as the fresh ones. Since so much heat is in the seeds and membranes, you might want to remove them, then cut the outside into wheels and use the wheels on top.

All in all, I think most people will agree that it's much easier to use the Pillsbury products!

Tracy said...

cc, Well I didn't care THAT much about who won ... although it's more fun to have a husband who's happy with the outcome.

Cate, Val, Chou, and Susan, The brownies were positively addictive. Not at all good for the diet.

Jodi, so glad the Weight Watchers liked them! I noticed they are 100 calories so I think they'd be ok for a diet if you could eat only one.

Smita, I'm jealous of your travels. No, I haven't sampled Hedonist Chocolates yet but I saw a tasting event at Equal Grounds that I may have to check out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for your advice re your pillsbury recipe. I will use puff pastry. As for the chiles, I now know you meant "chillies".(I dont understand american cooking terminology). We dont get them in cans, so I will try roasting and peeling some fresh ones. Also, I love jalapenos, so no need to remove the seeds. thanks