Rochester represented well at Pillsbury!

If you've been following the 43rd Pillsbury Bake-off contest, by now you know that a peanut butter cookie won the million dollars. And if you were looking for my name among the winners, it wasn't there.

But you may not have noticed that the other Rochester area finalist, Vanda, was a category winner! This marks the third straight Bake-off contest that there has been a winner from the Rochester area -- me at the 41st contest in 2004, Karen Mack at the 42nd contest in 2006, and now Vanda. I have to believe this is an unusual record, and I'm excited about it!

I returned home last night. I wanted to post about the winners from Dallas but the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas was charging $15 per 24 hours to use the wireless connection in your room, so I only paid for one 24-hour period. (Just a rant -- can you believe an expensive hotel like the Fairmont would charge $15 for wireless, when we get it free when we go to Holiday Inn Express?) Plus we wanted to get out in the beautiful weather and do some sightseeing.

I am in the process of posting a lot of pictures and writing a recap. I will try to post it by tonight.


Jodi said...

Sorry you didn't win, but I am sure you had a great experience in Dallas. Glad to see Rochester still had a winner though.

Anna said...

Tracy, we're looking forward to the photos.

I know what you mean about the high end hotels charging so much for wireless. Hilton Garden Inns give it to you free. They even have a business office where you can fax, copy and use the Internet for free.

Also, I saw your Sandra Lee comment. I'm glad she's as nice as I suspected.