Outdoor Dining in Rochester -- What's Your Favorite Spot?

I am working on a piece on outdoor dining for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. I'm excited to be writing this because I love dining outdoors in the summer. I know I haven't hit them all, so I could use some suggestions. What's your favorite spot to dine outside in the Rochester area and Finger Lakes?


Stacey Queen of Rants and Ramblings said...

Aladin's in Pittsford on a night they have they band playing across the canal... sitting with a slow meal, sipping wine and enjoying the free show...

Pomodoro's on University

The Brookhouse in Greece- on the deck near the water feature

Pier 45 in Charlotte.... very inexp. lunch menu with the perk of the view

Bistro 135 in ER at night- when it is all lit up- higher price tag meal

Richardson's Canal House has outdoor pub menu dining- very quaint and delicious- less expensive than the main dining menu

Nothing fancy at all but very relaxing is Donelly's Public House in Fairport Village

Another fun relaxing nothing fancy place is the Pittsford Pub but the outdoor

Anywhere on Park Ave if you want a people watching meal... Sinbad's being my Fav

Hedge's in Webster is nice too... on the water.... I think they only do drinks and app's out there though...

Tracy said...

Thanks Stacey ... you and I must hang out at a lot of the same places! Yes I think Hedges only does drinks on the water. Trying to decide if that qualifies!

Julie said...

Java's downtown for the people watching and good lunch menu. Any of the restaurants at Corn Hill Landing. Another good downtown lunch spot is the reading garden at Rundel. Not exactly a restaurant, but great to bring your own lunch and get away for a bit.

Tracy said...

Thanks Julie. I think I've got to do a second article on outdoor dining spots. A few people have given me their favorite places to take a picnic. I'm glad you mentioned Java's -- I'm there every week and it wasn't on my list yet!