Best restaurant of 2007 (that I didn't blog about)

Now for my "Best of 2007" ... that I didn't have a chance to blog about. First, my favorite new (to me) restaurant.

2 Vine is an upscale bistro, tucked behind the Little Theatre. It has been around for about eight years, a time frame in which I haven't done whole lot of fine dining. My visit there was a spur-of-the-moment occasion after a concert at the Eastman Theater.

I didn't have my camera with me, so I had planned to go back to snap a few photos. I never got around to it, so I borrowed this photo from the 2 Vine Web site. The photo doesn't come close to capturing the charm of the restaurant when we were there in the summer. The window boxes were bursting with colorful, delicate flowers, and to the left of the photo was a large outdoor seating area, surrounded by a well-tended garden and overflowing planters of flowers.

Since it was late, we ordered a salad and appetizer instead of a full meal -- which was graciously accommodated by our server. My friend recommended the Roasted Beet Salad with Pistachio-Crusted Goat Cheese. I'm not usually a big fan of beets, but I decided to take her suggestion. It was divine -- the tender, earthy beets sat on top of delicate greens, all tossed in a light vinaigrette. It came with a medallion of mild, creamy goat cheese that was crusted in pistachios. It was a wonderful combination of flavors and textures. My appetizer was crab cakes, also very good, but the memory doesn't stick with me like the beet salad.

I rarely drink alcohol, but that night I decided to order a special drink called the Italian Ice Pick. It was iced tea with Limoncello and lemon vodka. It was refreshing and not too sweet -- the perfect beverage on a summer night.

I do hope I get to go there again, next time for a full meal.

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Emily said...

That drink sounds divine. I love Limoncello. I want to buy some, but it's so expensive. Maybe I'll get some for New Years.
The salad sounds delicious. I love those pistachios. Until recently, I didn't think I liked beets. But I was wrong. I'm guessing fresh beets are much better than canned. That seems obvious, though.
You should sponsor a blogging event, where everyone has to cook a recipe using beets. "Beet Blog Week 2008" "Beet the Blahs Week" I've got plenty more of those.

Tracy said...

Hmmm ... maybe I will should do a blog event. Since I like rock & roll, it would be more like:
"We've got the beet." or
"The beet goes on." or
"Turn the beet around."

Ha, ha.