I'm not surprised ... my flight to Dallas on American is delayed. I was scheduled to leave at 6:25 a.m., and now they are saying we're leaving at 9:30 due to "mechanical difficulties." Hey, I'd rather be late and have them fix the plane.

I said goodbye to my fellow Rochester finalist, Vanda, and her family, who are flying a United flight that takes them through Chicago. Our flight is direct, so we'll see who gets there first.

You wanna know what bugs me? The seats at the airline gates don't have armrests that fold up, like they do on airplanes. At least we could lie down somewhere other than the floor and take a snooze. Since I'm operating on two hours of sleep, I could use a snooze about now.


RecipeGirl said...

Best of luck to you Tracy! And hey, if you're on AA then you're darn lucky you're taking off at all. I've seen people stranded at various airports this week due to their planes being grounded. Can't wait to hear about the experience.

Karyn said...

Good luck Tracy!!!!!!