As seen from my window...

As I was writing what was to be my next post, I looked out my window and saw this:

I grabbed my camera and ran outside. The rainbow was so big that I couldn't fit it into a single frame, no matter where I stood. And then I noticed that there was not one, but two rainbows -- the second one much fainter than the other.

I clicked and clicked but just couldn't capture the beauty of the bright colors illuminated against the dark gray sky. Finally I stopped snapping and just looked.

My neighbors also were outside admiring the rainbow. Say what you want about Rochester's weather. We know great weather when we have it. And we stop and savor it when we do.


Joe said...

Wow - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I do the very same thing. I see something beautiful and I keep snapping my camera, trying to capture it. Finally, the lightbulb (in my head) goes off and I just sit back and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing - I LOVE rainbows!