Tagged! (again)

Anna tagged me for a meme. Why not. I kinda like writing and reading them.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

At that time, I was a stay-at-home mom of a baby and a 3-year-old. That was pretty much all-consuming.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I was diligently practicing the guitar and learning lots of songs for our newly formed band, CRB.

I was excited about the Bears being in the playoffs, and was hoping they won the Super Bowl. (What a difference a year makes.)

I was working on recipes for the National Beef Cook-off, the Pillsbury Bake-off contest, the National Chicken Contest, and the Southern Living cook-off. Didn’t make it to the last two. Ya win some and ya lose some…

Five snacks you enjoy:

I answered this in a recent meme, but since I’m sticking to my New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier, here are some (relatively) healthy snacks I like:
1. 100-Calorie packs of Ritz snack mix
2. 100-calorie packs of Chips Ahoy (these taste good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but not so good that I want to eat five of those packs)
3. Bananas
4. Caribou Coffee Chocolate Mocha snack bars
5. Skinny Cow Mint Sandwiches

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

Other than the 30+ songs we do in CRB? Here are a few random ones that CRB doesn’t sing:
1. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
2. Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson (in the rare instances I do karaoke, that’s the song I do)
3. I Think I Love You - Partridge Family (yep, 30+ years later I still know every word)
4. Piece of my Heart - Janis Joplin/Melissa Etheridge
5. Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezing - Journey (from my high school days)

Five things you would do if you were a billionaire

1. (Obviously) provide for the futures of my kids, niece and nephews.
2. Buy the Buffalo Bills and keep them in Buffalo. Do whatever it took to get them to win a Super Bowl. I’d do it as a gift to my wonderful husband and his hometown. That would probably blow most of the billion.
3, 4, 5 Contribute to curing diseases that have afflicted friends & family.

Five bad habits:

1. Biting my nails.
2. Spending waaaayyy to much time on the computer.
3. Doing the laundry, but procrastinating of the steps of folding and putting it away.
4. Not putting on makeup in the morning.
5. Biting off more than I can chew (I mean that figuratively, not literally).

Five things you like doing:

1. Bake, alone in my kitchen, with my tunes cranked.
2. Make music with other people.
3. Read.
4. Go to concerts and plays.
5. Watch reality TV shows (Top Chef, Project Runway, American Idol, What Not To Wear, the Biggest Loser, etc.). OK, I’m not proud of this…

Five things you would never wear again

1. A Bay City Rollers t-shirt
2. Any of my high school uniforms (all-girls Catholic school … you get the picture)
3. Platform shoes
4. Any of the costumes I wore working at Six Flags for six years (all hideous, trust me)
5. Toe socks

Five favorite toys:

1. My iPod
2. My own laptop computer (yeah you can do work on it but I do an awful lot of playing)
3. My Fender acoustic guitar
4. My digital camera (although I’d like a digital SLR … maybe that should go on the billionaire list…)
5. My KitchenAid mixer

So the deal is that I'm supposed to "tag" people. I'm a little stuck on this one and will come back to it. Any volunteers?


Emiline said...

This is the same one I did, except I changed it to 3 answers, instead of 5, and I took out a couple questions. I probably should have left it alone.

I'm hungry for a Caribou Coffee Bar, now.

suebear37 said...

All-girls Catholic high school... Naz or Mercy?? Or St. Agnes if you're my vintage.

Sue (Mercy '73)

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

All good guesses but I'm a native to the Chicago area. It was Carmel High School for Girls in Mundelein, Illinois. Still going strong but now there's no "for girls" in the name. Always nice to come across another survivor of the all-girls Catholic school experience! (OK, I'm mostly joking about the term "survivor.")