Lovely dinner, more "semi" than "formal"

Tonight was the lovely welcoming dinner for the Pillsbury Bakeoff contest. As Tom said, we were dressed more "semi" than "formal" due to our lost luggage. (That's me with Jasmine and Edwina -- notice the difference in the clothing?) But people were understanding about the luggage predicament. We sat with a nice group of people, all of whom were new to us and to the Pillsbury Bake-off contest.

It was a tasty dinner:
- a salad with poached pears, brie and candied pecans
- filet mignon and sea bass for the main course
- a yummy trio of desserts (including a tiny creme brulee, which I'm dying to make at home)

There were some welcoming speeches and George and Sally Pillsbury made an appearance.

It was a nice event but of course the luggage situation is hanging over our heads. The latest story is that it should be here within three hours.

This situation brings to mind a story of a trip to the Pillsbury Bake-off by my friend, Betsy (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this story but it's too funny not to pass on). She, too, had her luggage lost on the way to the contest.

The first day of the contest you are given a tote bag filled with goodies -- mostly promotional items from the brands that are part of the contest. (My favorite goodies this year: a set of stainless steel measuring cups and a cute set of hat and mitten copper cookie cutters from Land O'Lakes.) In Betsy's year, they were given Doughboy tee-shirts that made the Doughboy giggle when you pressed it. Having no other PJs, she decided to wear the t-shirt to bed. Now, it's hard enough to get a good night's sleep the night before you compete in the Pillsbury Bake-off contest. But it's even harder if you hear the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle every time you roll over!

Anyway, breakfast is at 6:15 tomorrow morning, and then there's a "grand march" onto the contest floor. The baking starts at 8 a.m. (I was told by a GE rep that they used to advise people to turn on their ovens right when they get to their stations. One year, however, that created a power surge that caused some trouble. I'm turning on my oven at 8 a.m., power surge be damned.)

That's all for now ... crossing my fingers that the luggage arrives and all goes well with making my appetizers.


Karyn said...

I'm counting on you to win!

Marie C said...

I sure hope that your luggage arrived. I woke up this morning thinking of you! Just think what a great story you'll have for the "Today" show on Thursday!

Veronica said...

I hope your luggage makes's so exciting to read what you guys are doing! Good luck-I'm rooting for you!

Emiline said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry about your luggage. I hope you got it. I guess by now, that the Bake-Off it over. Good luck! I'm excited for you!

Anna said...

For a minute, I thought Jasmine was Giada!