Bananas for bananas!

My kids: "I'm huunnnggry.... what can I have for a snack?"

My usual response: "Have a banana."

I think they are nature's perfect snack food -- a sweet, satisfying treat in a handy package. Unfortunately, my kids don't always heed my recommendation and the bananas get black and squishy on the counter. That's when they are perfect for banana bread. In fact, I have some in that state right now and I have a new recipe for banana muffins in the queue for today.

Until I get those muffins made, the Banana Bread Round-up at Not Quite Nigella has 79 ideas for what you can do with your over ripe bananas. In fact, she is asking people to vote for their favorite! The recipe I contributed is probably my favorite banana bread so far, with six bananas packed into one loaf. If people could actually taste my entry, I think I'd have a shot at it. But my photo isn't a work of art, as usual, so I'm not holding my breath. Whether or not you want to vote, pop over there for some great ideas!


Veronica said...

I thought your bread looked delicious! I need to try participating in a blog event-how do you do it?

Prudy said...

Actually, I think your bread looks wonderful. Your photo really shows off the bread's texture and you can tell that it is really moist. If I ever have that many brown bananas around, I really will try it.

Lisa said...

I tried the recipe and your bread was delicious! Even better that it's light. Wow, I couldn't believe all the BB recipes. They all looked great.

Lisa said...

Hi Tracey,
I left an award for you on my blog today:)

Prudy said...

It was a beginner's version of Orange Blossom Special. It was still a lot of hard work for a five year old violinist! I'm jealous of your high harmony singing. I can only sing harmony IF the piano is playing my part and IF everyone around me is singing in perfect pitch. If not, I'm an old hound doggie with a full moon.