Exciting win for a contest buddy!

I'm going crazy trying to get my kids ready to go back to school, plus preparing for a couple of trips. That's why I'm doing these goofy blog posts instead of writing about actual recipes.

But I wanted to give a shout out to my cooking contest buddy, Teri, who won herself a trip to NYC to cook with Bobby Flay! The contest was called Flayvors of Washington -- get it? Anyway, Teri is the type of person who will be totally poised as she's cooking with Bobby, so good for her. Here's a link to her Chicken Curry Burger recipe. I'll have to try them and see how they compare to Oprah's favorite turkey burgers.

Another buddy, Edwina, won a bunch of goodies for a Crab and Sweet Corn Tart that also sounds delicious.

Congrats ladies!


Sue said...

Somehow, I can't leave a comment at the Paul McCartney post, so I'll leave it here. How did you find that? It's absolutely super. I don't think he would have done one of Linda's recipes while he was married to the (very rich now) ball and chain, but it was great. Fantastic!

Prudy said...

I'm excited to try both recipes. I've got to get them both in before summer's end. Congrats to Terri and Edwina.