Top Chef: The Last Supper Episode

I loved, loved, LOVED this episode! My favorite episode this season, by far. Some examples of what I loved:

- I love that Leah and Carla both became chefs after doing something else. It is inspiring you can start on one path and take another one.

- I loved the QuickFire challenge because I love eggs, and I was wowed by everything the chefs created.

- I loved Padma's outfit in the QuickFire. That asymmetrical black top was cool looking and suited her. If I had her shape, that's exactly what I'd wear for a CRB gig.

- I don't have a reaction one way or another to Wylie Dufresne, but I enjoyed the butchery of his name. Fabio: Doo-fres-ney. Leah: Doo-fray. He was critical of the chefs but constructive and respectful -- something that Brit judge could learn from. Have I mentioned that I'm not feeling the love for Toby?

- I loved that Carla won the QuickFire challenge -- not only because she's one of my favorites, but also because she did it without using molecular gastronomy.

- I loved that Fabio drew Lydia Bastianich, and his reaction to drawing her. He has had some bad luck in the "draw knives" situations -- remember the Green Bay venison? His luck turned around at the right time.

- The Last Supper was kind of a morbid theme, but it made for an interesting episode.

- Carla: "No way am I giving up Jacques Pepin ... and he wants PEAS!!??? Jacques, we are like this with peas." Later, "I think Jacques and I are two peas in a pod -- ha, ha." There's no good way to write her wacky expressions but I love her personality. She seriously has to have her own show. I'd watch it in a heartbeat.

- I was cool when they went to Perilla to see Harold. He was a great first Top Chef. And you've got to hand it to Bravo -- they keep their past cheftestants, even the ones that didn't do particularly well, in the limelight.

- I love that the final five all seem pretty friendly, with the exception of the Hosea/Stefan rivalry. Stefan seems to enjoy pushing Hosea's buttons -- and it's kind of amusing.

- I loved the clowning around between Fabio and Stefan while they were in Whole Foods.

- Of all the last suppers, I liked Hosea's idea the best -- a really good BLT. Mine would have to have a freshly picked late August tomato, lightly salted, and the sandwich would be on good whole-grain bread, lightly toasted. And most important, I'd want something decadent and chocolate for dessert. I can't believe there was no dessert for everyone's Last Supper! That's the most important part of the meal!

- POOR Fabio! Did you see his finger bent at that crazy angle? It looked painful. But I LOVED his response: "Hospital? I'll chop it off and sear it on the flat top so it doesn't bleed any more and tomorrow I will deal with nine finger." Later, as he struggles to make his meal with a broken finger: "I got so many keek in my ass that sometime when I'm in the bathroom I still pull shoes out of my ass." Where does he come up with this stuff? Bravo usually does a T-shirt with a quote on it, but this season they may need to do a series with Fabio quotes. Anyway, Fabio's response to the finger makes him a badass.

- More Fabio: "I don't think I want my last meal prepared by contestants on Top Chef. My last meal should be prepared by my grandma. She died two years ago. She was the best cook ever. I have to cook my home food. I have to cook my grandma food. I have goosebumps, look at that." A baddass who LOVES HIS GRANDMA. Maybe that's why this season has gotten better and better. Fewer chefs = more Fabio!

- The one moment I didn't like was Tom Colicchio asking the chefs not to embarrass HIM. In what way was that helpful? Obviously the chefs don't want to embarrass THEMSELVES. Could you be any more self centered, Tom?

- I loved Jacques Pepin. He found the positive in the dishes, and had constructive criticism. He seems like a gentle, thoughtful, lovely man. I hope Tom and Toby both learned something from that man's wonderful personality.

- I loved the chefs helping each other out in the kitchen, as they seemed to all season long.

- Fabio in the kitchen: "I start to butcher the chicken with the cleaver like Jason on Friday the Thirteenth. I'm just slaughtering the chicken." Ha ha. And I cracked up that he turned up his accent to full tilt as he presented his dish to Lydia.

- I enjoyed the differences of opinion about how things should be cooked during the discussion of Carla's squab. Count me among Lydia and the older generation. I don't like the trend toward rare/raw everything. I prefer my food cooked through (but not overcooked).

- I'm curious about Carla's peas -- described as perfection and scrumptious. What on earth could make peas so wonderful? I'll have to try those when fresh peas are in season.

- I loved Fabio's cockeyed grin when the judges told Fabio that his chicken had made Lydia happy. And he was the winner!!!!

- My other favorite, Carla is also in the top two and is on to the semifinal -- hooray!!!

- I loved that Stefan was given a dose of humility. And I was glad that Leah was the one sent home, as she seemed to be the least deserving of being in the finale. Even she seemed OK with it.

Next episode: Fabio with a mohawk. WHAT???!!! I may NOT be feeling the love for THAT!


Judy said...

I'm glad Fabio finally won a challenge. Here are some tidbits for you:

Fabio had the faux-hawk when we had dinner at his restaurant on Christmas eve.

He's teaching 2 Italian cooking classes at his restaurant, on Feb. 21 and on March 28.

His restaurant is advertsing for a Hostess.

I'm looking forward to returning to his restaurant very soon.


Sue said...

It WAS a good episode. I dislike Stefan's personality, but I would have been bummed if Leah had made it to the finals instead of him.

HoneyB said...

I agree. Leah was the right one to go. I am liking the quirky Carla myself! AND who couldn't like Fabio? He's so cute you want to pinch his cheeks (ok, is that showing how old I am?) hehe.

Teri said...

Love,love,love your Top Chef recaps, Tracy! So much fun to read! Fabio is my fave and Carla has definitely grown on me as the season has progressed!