A great day for ... a frozen pop party?

Yes, our area got hit with the snow that has been in the news -- but nothing like the Oswego area, which is east of here. I don't know the official totals but I'd guess we got about a foot of snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday. The kids had a snow day on Wednesday -- this is the first year that I can remember two snow days in a year. This area is excellent at dealing with snow, though, and the roads were clear by Thursday (by clear, I mean they look like the road in the picture -- very drivable for Rochester drivers). Here's how our house looks right now. I actually think snow is pretty, especially on a sunny day like we had today.

Today B. received the final part of his prize from the Nestle Flavorologist contest -- a frozen pop party for the school. I wasn't sure whether they'd actually throw a party for the whole school -- there are more than a thousand kids there -- but every kid did get a free frozen pop. The principal announced the party on the morning announcements, which are made on school TV, and B. joined him for that. A reporter from the weekly newspaper interviewed him at lunch time. All in all, it was a fun way for the school to celebrate the start of February break week, and a great way to make a 12-year-old feel special. If you missed my post on the rest of the prize, it's here.

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