Chocolate and gingerbread and cookies -- oh, my!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I am. I think.

If you're in Rochester and need a few last-minute gifts, I have a suggestion that will work for almost everyone. That's Stever's Candies. It is located on Park Avenue, a trendy street that has lots of fun little places to shop and eat. I lived in the area for four years in my 20s, and I love going down there, even if parking can be a pain. And, for that matter, so can the lines in Stever's -- but that's part of the ritual at this time of year.

Stevers is known for their chocolates in a wide variety of shapes -- I spotted every Christmas shape, plus musical instruments, sporting equipment, computers, cell phones, flip flops, etc. I have to believe there's a shape that would apply to almost everyone. I thought this skyline of Rochester was pretty cool, and bought it with the idea of using it to create a new title banner for this blog. Well, I didn't like the way it looked as a banner, but I'm sure it will make a nice gift for someone. (By the way, I did end up recreating the title banner ... I'm interested in hearing what you think!)

I couldn't pass up buying one goodie for myself -- sponge candy! Yes, they carry sponge candy in bulk at Wegmans and Tops, but this stuff is tons better. The dainty bites have a thick layer of creamy Stever's chocolate. The inside is both crispy and ethereal, melting away with a fleeting taste of honey. I'm not sharing it. Nope. No way.

I got a bunch of little gifts but don't want to reveal too much in case any of the recipients read this. In the end I dropped $72 there. Yikes!

So now I need to mention some fun holiday round-ups on a couple of other blogs:

- The Christmas Cookie Roundup on Food Blogga continues to grow. I contributed a couple of recipes. If you need to do some more baking and want some new ideas, that's a great place to look.

- The gingerbread house roundup on YumSugar includes our "Boy Humor" gingerbread house. I laughed when I saw the first photo on the post -- a Snoopy gingerbread house. It is much more successful than our attempt during last year's gingerbread disaster! It's fun to look at what other people created.
- If want to see more gingerbread, I just stumbled across another local food blogger who took photos of this year's George Eastman House gingerbread house display. I usually go to see the display, but missed it this year. It was nice to see what I missed. I especially like the replica of the Highland Park Diner. If you still want more gingerbread, my photos of last year's display are here.


Laura Rebecca said...

Oooh, Stever's -- I LOVE Stever's! It's such a wonderful little shop. I really like their peanut butter miniatures (little chocolates shapes filled with PB) and my husband loves their orange milk chocolate.

I'm glad to have found another Rochester-area food blogger, too!

bibliochef said...

Hiya. Wow. These entries are tempting. Check out Cooking with Ideas where I put a link to you and also mentioned you in a sort of blogs to watch out for list. . . .

Emiline said...

That looks like a cool little chocolate shop. Rochester sounds like a nice place to live.
And of course, the chocolates look delicious. Your family and friends will be happy with their presents.

Julie said...

Sponge candy is one of my absolute favorites. I just came across your blog and laughed at the "Rah Cha Cha" only because I am a native born and raised currently residing in East Rochester.

Tracy said...

Julie, glad you found me! I've added you to my list of Rochester bloggers. For a smallish city, there seems to be a growing list of us - including Laura Rebecca and bibliochef.

And emiline, I'm glad this blog is giving you the impression that Rochester is a nice place to live. I really like it here.