Eastern Idaho Scones

My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ron, who live in Idaho Falls, were terrific hosts when we visted them earlier this month. They really wanted us to experience everything their area has to offer. Eastern Idaho, by the way, is the area depicted in the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” Both my boys were Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween last year, so I got a heavy dose of Napoleon Dynamite imitations for about a month.

One morning, Uncle Ron came home with something a local restaurant, Cedric's, calls a “scone.” Aunt Cathy says the most of the other restaurants around call it Indian frybread.

It’s similar to the fried dough we get at fairs around here. Here, fried dough is probably a foot around and of an irregular thickness, so there parts that are chewy and parts that are crispy. They brush it with butter and serve it with your choice of cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. Yummm....

This Idaho delicacy was a little smaller in diameter, about a half-inch thick all around, so it was chewy all over. It came with honey butter, which melted as we slathered it over the warm rounds.

Did I like it? Well, what do you think? I was freakin’ starving! GOSH!

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